Taiwan Bucket List

I wanted to keep track of what I have done and what I have yet to do for the indefinite amount of time I am here. This page will keep track of my list as it grows and changes. I am gladly open to suggestions for things I should do and places I should see!



  1. Taroko Gorge. Baiyang water curtain trail.
  2. Hike Jade Mountain. The largest peak in north-east Asia.
  3. Hike Snow Mountain (the second largest peak in Taiwan) and see the Holy Ridge mountain range.
  4. Dragon Hole Climbing!
  5. Visit the Penghu Islands and go snorkeling.
  6. Take a trip around the whole island (either by car, bike, scooter or public transport).
  7. Wwoof on a traditional farm.
  8. Sun Moon Lake. 
  9. Visit the National Palace Museum.
  10. Go river tracing.
  11. See a real live panda at the zoo!
  12. Have a conversation in Chinese (ha-ha we will see how long this one takes).
  13. Celebrate Chinese New Year and light a firework off on my own.
  14. Bike to Sun Moon Lake (from Taichung)
  15. Wuling Quadruple Trail
  16. Jiaming Lake
  17. Run in the Taroko Marathon


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