Unconscious Adventure: Taiwan Zai Jien

Like any breakup leaving Taiwan didn’t go as smoothly as planned. The last two weeks were insanely busy. I am going to attempt to summarize since a reflection on three years of time isn’t going to fit into one post, or be of any particular interest to anyone but myself.

I started my long goodbye by attending a yoga detoxification retreat on a remote permaculture farm in Tainan. The retreat focused on detoxifying the body through juice fasting, yoga and meditation. Everyday we had the same schedule, wake up, meditation, salt water drink, yoga, juice, class or activity relating to detoxification and health, rest, lunch juice, class/activity yoga, meditation, dinner juice, class/activity lights out at 9. Out of the 5 days, two and a half of them were spent juice fasting. I thought it would be really difficult for someone like me, but it actually wasn’t that bad. Whenever I started to feel hungry (hangry) the thing that helped the most was conversation. Talking to one of the other 25 guests, listening to why different people chose a program like this, learning from others life experiences, I think was the most beneficial part of participating in something like that. Relaxed after my 5 days, I headed home to go straight to the mountains for one last time.


We intended on hiking Daba. One of the Summits I’d been eyeing for a while now. I was excited for my last time in the mountains of Taiwan. My last chance to say goodbye to something that had been such a big part of me for so long. The trail head was up in the mountains outside of Hsinchu county. It took us a while to find, but once we got started on Monday morning it was a gorgeous trail. Lush green because of the recent rain, dotted with sen mu, sacred trees, and three small streams to cross. We were accompanied by a lot of day hiking tourists who told us the usual “Wow! Awesome! You are so amazing and strong etc etc…” I am going to be spoiled when I leave Taiwan and I will expect people everywhere I go hiking to tell me I am awesome. The trail was rough, it was going to be 20k back and forth in three days to get to the peak and back. We were prepared, but mother nature had other plans. We were forced to turn around the second day after a torrential downpour and having to set up our tents in the rain. Not exactly the farewell I had in mind but I am glad I got to go one last time.

To check yet another activity off my list, my friend invited me a long on a rafting trip. Friday we drove from Taipei to the east coast to Mukagumi National Scenic Area. Quite the opposite of the failed DaBa hike, it was scorching hot. We spent the day walking along the river until we got to the swimming hole. Where we spent the rest of the day between cooling off and letting the hot rocks burn the bottoms of our feet.

Saturday was our rafting adventure. Along with about one hundred others we gathered at the visitor center where we were given gear and instructions and all herded into the river in inflatable life rafts. It took me about 10 minutes to realize this was not the white water rafting experience I’d imagined. When they gave us plastic scoops for splashing other boats I should have known. It involved little actual paddling, a lot of floating and splashing and getting pulled by the speed boat guides along the way, it was good fun.

The last few days in Taichung were spent trying to get all my things in order, tax office, post office, bank, and see all the friends that have been my family the past two years one last time.


And getting to the title of the post. Tuesday afternoon I was set to leave from Taipei to Kathmandu. My roommates so kindly came to the airport to see me off. They were teasing me about the title of my blog, saying that I was going on an unconscious adventure. When I got in line to check in, I found out that my flight had been canceled and postponed a day!! Not wanting to go all the way back to Taichung and just have to turn around again the next day, we decided to go to Taipei and have our own Unconscious Adventure for the day.

Oh Taiwan, I couldn’t just let you go without wishing I had one more day, this time my wish came true.


Taiwan Zai Jien. I cannot believe it actually came to an end. This one is for you.


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