‘Round the Island One Last Time

With the school year officially at an end and my time in Taiwan drawing to a close, it seems like there is so much left to do and see that is yet untouched.

Last weekend I took advantage of an impromptu motorcycle trip to Sun Moon Lake.

A reminder of the beauty I will be leaving behind.

As I check “last times” off my list, and cross out the last to-do’s, my mom came all the way across the world to help me say my goodbyes.

We are trying to cram as much activity as possible in her short visit for her sake as well as mine. Our first day was spent sightseeing in Taipei (lots of “last times”). Breakfast and the National Palace Museum were the first order of business.

From there we met Lydia for lunch and a visit to the Chiang Kai-Shek memorial.

Where my mom had her first experience being accosted by a Chinese tourist for a photo. (not a last unfortunately)


and ended our day with a stop at the Longshan temple near our hostel in Ximending.

The next day we went to the old gold mining town, Jiufen on the north coast.

And from there went back to Taichung.

Having only one full day in Taichung (in the blazing heat) I decided we were in need of some fresh air, so I planned a bike trip to Dakeng. We started with some bike troubles so we had to rent an ibike, three gears and cumbersome, any farther than Dakeng park I would have trouble getting it up the hills.

We made a few friends while hiking a father daughter pair who were very curious of the mother-daughter foreigner pair, and between my Chinese, and the daughters high school English we managed quite a bit of conversation.

By the time we recovered from a 5 hour trip in the heat, Taichung turned on us and let out its daily afternoon storm that lasted for the rest of the night. Now, we only have six days left and an entire island to explore

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