The Chinese media had two major strikes this week, both, literally made my jaw drop open, shake my head and think “Oh, China”

Don’t get me wrong. I am American, a country created on the ideal of equality, yet every inequality and social injustice is still alive and going strong (if you are not a white upper class male citizen, that is). I understand that my country has MORE than it’s fair share of issues.

But, this Tuesday when I was reading the China Post at lunch there was an article about an op-ed article published in a Chinese newspaper attributing  female president Tsai Ing-Wen’s “extreme political views” to her “lacking the emotional balance provided by romantic and family life” WHAT!!! Let’s ignore that this reporter called her views “extreme”, but he (I’m assuming it’s a he) goes on to demean her personhood, practically saying she isn’t an entire human being because women can’t be whole unless they are married with children, therefore she is crazy and not fit to be a leader.

CNN picked up the article here


I watched her acceptance speech on election day and was incredibly moved by her words and excited for what she will bring for the future of Taiwan. AND admittedly, super jealous that Taiwan has their first female president, and she is a true leader of the people. While we are reduced to choosing between a pantsuited crook and a Mupet looking jester.

But wait, that’s not all! Not only was good old fashioned Chinese male chauvinism on display this week, but, they had to throw in some racism just for kicks. This horrifying video is a detergent commercial that aired this week,

There really isn’t much I can say about this except for SERIOUSLY?!

And it’s not just China. It’s the US, it’s Brazil, it’s everywhere. Racism and sexism has grown more rampant than ever (thanks, I think, partially due to the internet). Sometimes I look around and think the world is in a spiraling social digression. It’s time we stop and take a look at what our world has become and decide what we want our future to be. Things drastically need to change or we are going to end up in a Wall-e -esque distopia with a dark-ages social structure.


2 thoughts on “Oh…China…

  1. Whenever there is an economic or political downturn, racism and sexism ideas rear their collective small minded heads and spew nonsense. It is all about fear and power. I taught a women’s study class and those were the predominant themes. It’s maddening, but we are literate and thinking women and our voices will be heard. Keep on thinking and speaking your mind, Colleen!

    • It is so prevalent in the media, and in everyday life! But we don’t often see it because it is usually not so outright. Thanks for the support Lynn I will never stop speaking my mind!

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