Get outdoors! Long Dong Revisited

The natural beauty of this amazing country has been a running theme in my blog. There is nothing I love more than getting outside. It is the best addiction anyone can have and it can change your life. So can being stuck inside for a while.

I have been quite inactive lately due to a recent knee injury I have been trying to recover from, so that has meant that my outdoor exploration has slowed quite a bit. I was starting to get jealous of myself looking through old posts and pictures. Finally, after a long frustrating stint indoors I just decided; screw it, I need my nature fix.

For the holiday weekend (Happy Peace Day Taiwan!) we spent the extra day off from work in Long Dong Bay. Located outside of Keelung on the north eastern coast Long Dong is notably the best outdoor climbing spot in Taiwan, definitely not the only, but the best by far. Information on routes is plentiful and there is a dedicated community of climbers that keeps the information updated and each other well informed. The best resource is the guidebook is an essential for at least one person in the group to have and if not there are always at least one or two copies strewn about gear near most of the popular routes.


On the northeast coast it is quite cold and rainy during the winter months so March is always tricky. We got lucky and had a nice day with no rain, but a lot of wind.

We went to the front gate this time and got in a few of the easier climbs, just to ease back into it. We climbed “Oh!” “Oh No!” “Reincarnation” and the last one I can’t recall the name of the route.


Why is Long Dong so perfect? Because outdoor climbing itself is an amazing sport/activity/interest (whichever it is to you) and the location is superb. You climb and get a spectacular view of the ocean at the same time, making it all that more rewarding when you reach the top.

I can’t explain how good it felt to get outside and get moving again.



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