kěyǐ chī

When I taught cram school we used to play a lot of 20 questions. One of the questions my students always used to ask was “Can eat?” Though it is an incomplete statement in English, in Chinese it is widely acceptable for this to be a proper question.

So, when my friend set these rock like things in front of me this weekend, the first thing I thought was; can eat? 

These are a species of barnacles, that yes, you can eat. Once out of the water they can survive for about two days, which is why they are still moving around in the video. We put hem right on the barbecue as is and then cracked them open to get the meat. The insides were a mixture of eggs, meat and sand. When they heated up on the barbecue they started to spit back at us! Earning them the name “volcano eruption” in Chinese (huǒshān bàofā), unfortunately I didn’t get that part in the video.

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