Luang Nam Tha

I got the overnight local bus to Luang Nam Tha were I could find some trekking in the Nam Ha NPA. It was a local bus, so I was one out of two foreigners and they jammed the bus with as many people and things as they could find. There were people sitting in the aisles on plastic chairs for the duration of the ride. At one point I woke up and realized we were broken down on the side of the road, I’m not sure for how long but, when I woke we were on the road again. I got to the Luang Nam Tha station at 5:30 and got a tuk tuk into the city center arriving at my guesthouse around 6, they weren’t open so I slept outside on the bench for about an hour before a tired looking staff member came back and unlocked the door.

I spent the day looking for trekking and one company finally told me to rent a bicycle and go out for the day and come check later because no one signs up until right before closing. So I took their advice and I did.

I rode to a small waterfall park through a couple of villages and took myself on a nice day out.


It is a really gorgeous area, and even if you don’t go for trekking it’s a great place to take a bicycle or a motorbike out exploring for the day.


I found a two-day one night trek for the next morning with Green Discovery.

One thought on “Luang Nam Tha

  1. Strange question BUT what is the wildlife like out there? Here in Arkansas there are a lot of ticks and snakes and since I’m terrified of snakes, it kind of prohibits me from exploring during the summer as much as I’d like. What do you see out there?

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