I <3 TW

A Conscious Venture started in 2013 when I moved to Taiwan to become a full time English Foreign Language teacher. I thought coming to Taiwan would be my first step on a worldwide adventure, and maybe it is. But for the time being I love living in Asia’s best kept secret paradise.

I discovered this aboriginal reggae band Matzka recently. This song Vao-Vao Ni (the translation is Mud Doll or Clay Doll or something) really gets across the feelings I have for Taiwan and what I love so much about this country.

2 thoughts on “I <3 TW

  1. This song blew my mind! I know it sounds horrible BUT I never thought reggae would exist in Taiwan! I would love to know what he’s saying and may try to look it up. Love this! This makes me want to venture to your side of the planet 🙂

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