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I’ve never been much of a social butterfly,and it’s only gotten worse as of late, so Friday I agreed to meet up with a friend in Taipei. Little did I know she was gearing up for a late night out, and I was in for winding down after spending over 30 hours of my week in the presence of children who are programmed like the energizer bunny.

So I did what any good friend would do and sucked it up and went out. Most clubs in Taipei are located around Taipei 101. We didn’t have anything particular in mind so we went to the 101 station and walked around. We stopped at three or four clubs to ask cover prices and made a game plan over beers at the Family Mart. The 101 Family Mart is easily the busiest weekend convenience store in Taipei, I would not be surprised if they make more selling alcohol than the actual clubs do. We settled on Bebe18 for a $400 cover, all you can drink. Then met some other friends and went to Room18 for most of the night, then back to Bebe18, leaving somewhere around 5AM.

There are tons of reviews on clubs, and every person you ask has a different opinion of why they like or dislike one or another. To me, they are all the same, loud awful music, so filled with smoke your eyes water, girls with barely any clothes on, and guys who think they can do whatever they want because of those girls. “Your the only white girl in the club right now” I was shouted at over the noise, I think it was an attempt at a pick up line, I simply responded “Yeah” and squeezed my way through the crowd away. Once I got over how much I actually hate clubbing I had fun dancing like an idiot and making fun of everyone else in my own head.

When I got home after about 3 hours of sleep the next day I went to lunch with my coworkers and they invited me to go out with them later that night. In a state of delirium I said yes. My friend had a friend in Taiwan for a night long layover and he rented a really fancy room at the W Hotel next to Taipei 101. We got dressed up and met her friend at main station and checked into the hotel room. We had a little group of 6 and got dinner and hung out in the room before venturing out around midnight. This time we went to Myst and paid 700$ for two drink tickets. It was the same as all the other clubs, definitely will never pay to go in there again. The funnest part of the night was hanging out in the hotel room after the club pretending to be fancy. But for now I’m Taipei-ed out and just all the more certain I canwait to move down south next year.


As though I hadn’t already made up for a lifetime of skipped social activities this weekend, I was already signed up for a meet-up group event. Meetup.com has been an awesome resource for meeting people, and I would suggest anyone moving to an unfamiliar place to use it, especially abroad. Sunday morning I went straight from W Hotel to Beitou station to meet for the last day of Calla Lily Festival. I didn’t know a single person going or really what to look for, but once I got there I saw people awkwardly standing around, then it became groups then a whole big group by the end. We got a bus from Betiou station to Yangming, very close to Yangmingshan National Park. During this time of year the Calla Lilies blossom, there are farmers with fields of them, for $100 you can go into the fields and pick about 10 of your own. Most fields had other plants for sale as well.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

600_357020862 SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES 600_357020802

We got breakfast then went to the first field. We couldn’t pick there but I used my $100NT to buy an aloe plant and three lilies.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES 600_357024322 600_357022752 600_357638582

Then we got lunch and went to a different section of fields. There you could see the volcanic fumaroles of Yangmingsan smoking in the background. It was very beautiful and relaxing.

600_357023762 600_357025002 600_357025912

We went to another field and got some tea. They had a saxophonist who made my day when he played the sexy sax man song, after he was dancing around with the saxophone and I was thinking to myself how he is the Asian sexy sax man.


We left around 4, getting us into Taipei by 5 and me back in Taoyuan by 7. There are rare occasions when I can be a charming sociable person, and luckily this Sunday was one of them. Maybe it was my party button still turned on after two full nights of clubbing, but I surprised myself at how incredibly un-awkward I was, everything just seemed to work in my favor for once. Funny how things just kind of work when you throw yourself into the unknown and let life lead you where it may.

600_357024822 600_357025232

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