Fulong Revisited




March 28th we went to the beach, while back in New York my friends and family were experiencing a blizzard. It was the first time I had been back to Fulong beach. The time was going to come when I had to go back and face it, so why not a  sunny Saturday in March. There were a lot of beach goers, a lot of surfers too. Fulong isn’t known for it’s great surfing but there are places that offer lessons, and I guess it’s a good place for beginners. I’ve heard that Taiwan though, is not the place to start trying to surf. After experiencing the power of the riptides here first hand I completely agree. I will wait until Japan to try. Any way we spent the day at the beach. I went in, it wasn’t hot enough to swim but I had to get in, (yes mom I swam), just for a personal F-U Fulong to prove that I could do it.

So F-U Fulong, I did it.


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