Sit Still

Sunday night- sitting in my apartment practicing Chinese characters (Thank you Chineasy! today’s character is woman, don’t even get me started on the origins of some of these characters…), enjoying my freedom while thoughts of the upcoming P Class parent night start to creep into my head, my brain is trained to ruin my weekend around this time every Sunday. I wasn’t going to post this week because to me, not much has gone on, nothing new and exciting to report. However after looking back on this past week there were some small 冒險 (adventures). Class; I had two poop incidents and one puke all over the hallway (same class, different days however), I have been going to my kickboxing fitness classes and have started to meet some good people there, we met a Mexican couple in Nankan (yay other westerners around in Nankan!!), went to Tai Disco and danced aaaaaaaaalllll night, oh yeah, and ate some fried crickets.

DSCN3491 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360

During this reflective moment, it occurred that it’s not about how many things you do, (been there, done that, bought the T-shu shan), but about how much you enjoy what you actually do.  I may not have had a grand excursion this weekend, but I lived my life and I enjoyed it, even the shitty parts (literally). I’ve had this feeling lately- not dissimilar to love, an ache for sure, no yearning, but instead a feverish excitement. I fear, I have never felt this before, but I think this is called hope. I am eternally grateful that by some freakish mishap of the universe I am alive right now. Last weekend while I was away, Micheal found street cat, who was appropriately dubbed 小希望 (xiao shi) little hope. I’m sure her and I share that sentiment. I would like to leave off with this song that I feel is quite fitting for this post and my mood.

mercedes 2


Gotta go! Mulan is on the Lotus Macau channel!


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