A Simple Moment

I am by no means a sentimental person, but today I was touched by a moment that I felt compelled to share.

I have scarcely written about my teaching experiences, that being the reason I am here and what I spend the majority of my time doing, so I thought today I would share. After a very slow start this morning, ( I didn’t have to be at work until 2 P.M and therefore didn’t get out of bed until 11) I made it to work and remembered we were having a performance review for some of the upper level classes (elementary school level). They were required to read aloud,present a “show and tell”, or sing an English song of their choosing. We could not asses our own classes so I was with a classroom of students I have never taught before. Several of them decided to sing “The Show” (see below) which I have never heard before, but I could say the same for most trending pop music. Most of the students mumbled through their performances and hid behind their papers embarrassed to speak English alone in front of the class and teachers ( I don’t blame them I would have been terrified myself).

The last student was a little girl, no more than 10 years old, went to the front of the room and belted out her version of this song in near perfect English (pretty damn close for a 10 year old non-native speaker). As I was listening to the words (that I could finally hear this time) in her small but confident high pitched voice, I thought of how applicable this song was to my life at the moment. I have been so weary of travelling and adjusting and trying to do it all myself, all alone, but from this girl’s small voice came some sense of hope. That yes I am just a little girl caught in the moment, and I’m so scared, but I don’t show it, and I know that I’ve got to let it go, and just enjoy the show. In that moment I actually did feel like a small child again facing what I believed to be an impossible task. I looked at that brave little girl in the front of the classroom as the goose bumps formed on my arms and realized a few things; I may be a brave little girl, but I am far from a child, everything unfamiliar seems impossible at first but that’s only because it is unknown, and I know that I am not alone, there are people who think and live the way I do, who make the world their home and the people who inhabit it their family and it is not easy but we persist because life is an adventure worth seeking.

3 thoughts on “A Simple Moment

  1. Loved your story of the little girl. Yes I think you are becoming a citizen of the world. BUT
    there is someone watching over you everyday. So, remember you are never alone.

  2. Colleen…no matter where you go in the world or what it is you do…you will never be alone. You have many many people ..family and friends.. that are supporting you every day with their thoughts and prayers….Always remember that… I love you….mom

  3. Colleen! Anne, here. Even though we haven’t seen one another in over a year, we both have gone on such crazy adventures, and I feel super connected to how you’re feeling at this stage in life. I’m so moved by your insight, and reflections, and am looking forward to reading more about your journey. Hopefully we can connect when you return! Come visit me in the crazy jungle that is NYC…or wherever I happen to be at that moment…

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