I’m Freakin’ Out Man!

One day left in the U.S.A, back in boulder after a three day stint in Breckenridge where there is still snow in the mountains in mid August.

We rented a sailboat and sailed on the Dylan reservoir. It was a first for me on a sailboat (aside from a five day stint in San Francisco where we stayed on a friends-friends docked sailboat). IMG_0132

I thought I was in shape until I was convinced to participate in the Summit County Trail Racing Series, where I ran a 5K time of 37:36, a personal worst.

We did Mohawk lake trail and saw some beautiful views of Breck.


And finished our stay seeing Chali 2na at Three20 South, who is an amazing performer. It was a great relief to hear some true hip hop beats in the land of folk and string. IMG_0147

That’s all for now! Just a quick post to calm the nerves. As always, Valar Morghulis, but first all men must live.

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