To Go East, First You Must Go West…

Adventure comes with a cost, leaving friends, family, and familiarity behind, is hefty price to pay. Saying goodbye to people that have been in my life forever (my forever) not knowing when I will see anyone again is more difficult than I expected. I kind of wish I could just Irish Good-Bye and pop up a couple years later.

Currently in Boulder Colorado for a pre-adventure to my adventure and more goodbyes. After Yonder Mountain String Band at Red Rocks on Saturday (It was a tight show bro, I’m so stoked I went);


and a few days in Boulder, I will be heading yet more west to Breckenridge to visit family. Then back to Boulder on Friday and to the airport Saturday for the big day!

Camping outside of Boulder Sunday night;

Bunking two double hammocks, was a cinch….
image (5)

But, It was really uncomfortable trying to sleep with two people in one hammock and keep warm while not necessarily cuddle up on each other. We finally figured out that sleeping head to toe was a lot more comfortable than sleeping side by side. So I spent the night shivering with Teddy as my pillow curled up on my best friends shins.

As the week goes on with so many goodbyes the reality is setting in, that I am going to be headed to the other side of the world and not to good ole’ Scottsville at the end of this week. To all I have left behind, all these goodbyes are really only “see you later’s”.

As always Valar Morghulis, but first all men must live.

image (7)

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